Doors, the twelve

Of the zodiac corresponding to parts of our physical body

January 7th 2015
The twelve constellations in the zodiac are like twelve doors in our universe, the solar system. These twelve doors are found again in our physical body: our eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils, breasts, navel and the two other openings further down are also doors. And just as the doors in the zodiac provide a route for cosmic influences, so our body’s twelve doors are openings for spiritual forces and entities. For those who have accomplished a true work of purification in themselves, the doors in their body serve as means of communication with the subtle, light-filled elements in space. This is why the initiatic tradition tells us that an angel stands by each door. An angel is a pure energy, and as this energy attracts beneficial influences, it also transforms any negative currents that try to infiltrate. There are angels watching over the doors of all those who have worked to become the tabernacle of the living God.