Precious stones

Quintessences of the earth

January 8th 2015
Precious stones belong to the earth element. They are the product of all the work the earth is able to carry out, which is why they have been chosen to symbolize the virtues humans acquire if they learn how to work on their own matter. It is knowledge of this symbolism that gives rise to the custom of placing precious stones on the robes of priests and on royal crowns. The stones represent the qualities and virtues that these beings must possess if they are to fulfil their obligations in a fitting manner. Each stone corresponds to a virtue: the topaz to wisdom, the sapphire to peace and harmony, the ruby to love, and so on. Let’s not inquire too deeply as to whether these highly placed individuals deserve to wear such treasures; it’s the symbolism that matters. If the kings of the earth and the popes and cardinals have their head adorned with precious stones, it means that the crown of the Master of creation is inlaid with precious stones. These stones are the angels, the archangels and divine beings.