Takes us into a different dimension

May 27th 2011
Prayer offers humans the possibility of gaining access to another dimension, another order of things. On the outside there is no obvious change: if it is cold, they shiver; if they are ill, they may remain so. But in their heart and soul, prayer produces great transformations. Suppose someone is dying… Even if they are alone, abandoned and destitute, their soul’s fervour for God lifts them to a world of peace, light and joy. Whereas, in the same conditions, those who do not pray, who do not know how to pray, will harbour feelings of rebellion and hatred in their heart, setting up bad conditions for their existence in the world beyond, as well as for their next incarnation. If religion tries to convince the dying to reconnect with God, to place themselves in his hands, it is because, even if they have been great sinners, any sincere prayer they make at the last minute allows them to enter another state of consciousness, opening the way to salvation.