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Must be organized about a centre: our spirit

January 9th 2015
Daily life is like a current carrying you along, without your always having the time or the opportunity to realize which direction it is taking you in. This is why you endlessly allow yourselves to get caught up in all kinds of activities and engagements which seem at the time to be useful and reasonable. But after a while you realize you have wasted a lot of time and energy with very little result. That is not to say you must devote yourselves exclusively to spiritual work. Actually, all activity can be beneficial, but only if you have taken the precaution of holding fast to a high ideal, a divine philosophy. The day you learn to build something solid and stable around the centre point of your spirit, all your activities and even your distractions will play a part in feeding your inner life. The spirit that inhabits a being does not reject that being’s liver, intestines or feet on the pretext that these are not as noble as itself. Everything has its place, and the spirit makes use of everything, but it remains at the centre. And it is because the spirit remains at the centre that this being is alive.