Capricorn and leo

Concentration and expansion

January 10th 2015
When we long to merge with the universal Soul, we turn spontaneously to great spaces, to the immensity of heaven. But if we stayed in this state of expansion, we would achieve nothing on earth. To be able to act, we have to use the law of concentration. We need great expanses in order to expand, and then we must come back into ourselves and concentrate in order to gather our forces for action. Expansion and concentration correspond to two astrological signs – Leo, a fire sign, and Capricorn, an earth sign. Leo is a sign that externalizes: it projects and expends energy. Capricorn, on the other hand, is a sign that internalizes: it accumulates and condenses. Under Capricorn’s influence, between the months of December and January, the earth concentrates energies in the roots of trees, in preparation for the explosion during July and August, under the influence of Leo, when an abundance of fruit appears.