Days of the week

Must all be made sacred

January 12th 2015
Each religion has a day especially set aside for worship: for Christians, it is Sunday; for Jews, Saturday; for Muslims, Friday… But in the eyes of the Creator of heaven and earth, every day is sacred. Yes, there’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but there is also Monday, Tuesday, and so on, for sanctifying his name and doing good. Otherwise, it makes no sense. For six days you quietly go about breaking the laws, and on the seventh you go to church, to the mosque or the synagogue to try to erase the mistakes you made during the other six! When someone has lived six days in unconsciousness and triviality, what state will they be in when they come before the Lord? Will God appreciate this hypocrisy? But, more importantly, this attitude will not do them any favours either. Be under no illusions: not only is one day a week not enough for progressing on the path of wisdom, love and purity, but what you live on the seventh day depends on the way you have already lived the other six. So you have to make the effort every day, all day and all night, to be in God’s church, and God’s church is all of creation.