Book of life

We sense if our name is written there

January 13th 2015
In several passages in the Bible, mention is made of a book called the ‘book of life’. This book of life, which is obviously symbolic, has names written in it. You may be wondering how you can know whether your name is written in this book. It’s simple: in the exact same way that you know your name has been recorded in the register of an organization or agency. When you subscribe to a newspaper, a secretary makes a note of your name and address, and every day the postman slips the latest copy of the newspaper into your letterbox. In the same way, when your name is recorded on high in the book of life, it’s like subscribing to a newspaper, but a very special one that speaks to your soul and your spirit and daily brings you new knowledge, a better understanding of things and help in times of difficulty. So, those whose name is recorded in the book of life are blessed! Power, riches and fame all pale in comparison.