Soul and spirit

Finding them in all beings is a work of creation

January 14th 2015
Even if people see each other every day and, unfortunately, even if they live together, they only view one another superficially. They focus on external expressions, on appearance, and appearances are often not that great. They forget that beyond the appearance there is also a soul and spirit, and even if the soul and spirit show themselves only rarely and faintly, they are still there. So why not pay more attention so that you recognize them when they appear? A sage knows that all the human beings he meets are sons and daughters of God. He focuses on this thought and approaches each person with this in mind. Even if they are not aware of it, he does some creative work on them, then and there, which will one day bear fruit. And he feels happy. Believe me, the best way to be useful to others is to find their qualities, their virtues and their spiritual riches and to focus on those. This then awakens something good in them, which they feel the need to develop.