Mole, fish and bird

Correspond to different levels of human consciousness

January 15th 2015
Analogies can be found between the life of certain animals and the psychic life of humans. Take the mole for example: it lives underground, far from the light, and when it wants to move it has to dig long tunnels through the soil, which are sometimes destroyed by the farmer’s plough. This dark, limited life doubtless suits it, because it is a mole; it cannot imagine any other. A fish’s life is freer than a mole’s, since the space it moves in is much less restricted and dark. But a bird’s life is so much freer! It owns all of space, and it sings and rejoices in the sunlight. The mole (earth), the fish (water) and the bird (air) are symbolic here – each one corresponds to a level of consciousness, and a person’s level of consciousness determines his or her destiny.