Divine origin

Which we may sometimes recall

January 18th 2015
When asked about their religious beliefs, many people say they believe in ‘something’ or ‘someone’, without being able to explain exactly what or who, or to bring themselves to call it God. It is as if, in the past, they knew certain things and had certain experiences, and at times this knowledge and these experiences rise to the surface like a brief glimmer of light from afar. They do not know why it makes such an obvious impression on them, nor do they know how to interpret it, but it remains an undoubted reality for them. At some time or other in their life, most humans experience the sensation that something inside them is reconnecting them with a higher, mysterious world, the imprint of which has remained within them. But people react differently. Some allow this feeling to fade without seeking to deepen its significance, while, for others, it is the starting point for an inner search, which will lead them to the realization of their divine origin.