Alchemy, astrology, magic, cabbalah

We find the basis of these four sciences in the actions of everyday life

January 19th 2015
Far too many spiritual people imagine that any talks they hear should be about alchemy, astrology, magic and Cabbalah. Well, no, what they can expect from me is that I will deal mainly with subjects concerning life: how to preserve it, purify it, renew it and sublimate it. Anyone not interested in these subjects will have to go elsewhere. Why life? Because it is by focusing on life and by learning how to breathe it, eat it, drink it and radiate it that you will one day feel all the other sciences being revealed to you. You will see that even the smallest everyday actions correspond to astrology, alchemy, magic and Cabbalah. You will discover alchemy in eating, astrology in breathing, magic in speaking and moving, Cabbalah in thinking. So learn how to eat, breathe, act, speak and think, and you will possess the basis of these four sciences.