The object of our work externally and internally

January 22nd 2015
We came to earth to do work here similar to that of the alchemists. We have been provided with matter, from which we must draw out the quintessence. This quintessence is the only wealth we will take with us when we leave the earth, and we will continue to work with it in the other worlds. You may be wondering how you should understand the word ‘matter’. It’s simple: everything that makes up our daily life – our activities, our encounters with others – is a kind of matter we are given to transform through the power of the spirit. And that also implies work on ourselves, for we too are matter: even our thoughts, our feelings, our wishes, our states of consciousness are matter that we must transform and make purer and richer. At the same time as we are working on matter that is external to us, we are also working on ourselves.