Subtle centres

The discipline needed to develop them

January 23rd 2015
Cosmic Intelligence has endowed human beings with subtle centres that allow them to relate to the spiritual regions. These centres, which are in the world of the soul and spirit, are the equivalent of our physical organs. As well as becoming aware of them as a reality, we must adopt a discipline that will enable us to develop them. Why have initiates given rules and recommended practices that we call morality? And why is it best to respect them? Because, contrary to what some so-called ‘free spirits’ claim, it is not a matter of subjecting humans to arbitrary social conventions or even of pleasing a God, living who knows where beyond the clouds… The real reason is that each thought, each feeling and each action has repercussions in the deepest part of our being, and depending on its nature, each thought, each feeling and each action either hinders or helps the functioning of our spiritual centres.