An antenna, as long as we know how to bring it to life

January 24th 2015
A hand is not limited to its physical aspect. A hand extends to the subtle levels, where it is able to not only pick up currents of forces but also project them. You will sense this if you get into the habit of practising particular exercises. Here is a very simple one you can do when you are on your own, preferably before midday. Extend your right hand, and imagine you are making it as long as you can, at the same time being aware that your fingers are like antennae picking up energies. If you then place your hand on your solar plexus, you will feel your solar plexus starting to fill with life-giving warmth. The truth is that all the exercises you can do with your hands will only be effective if you have learned how to bring them to life. And a hand becomes alive when we dedicate it to selfless actions, when we learn to touch beings and things consciously so as to bring purity, love and light into them.