Progress, spiritual

Requires us to stick to a single philosophical system and study it in depth

January 26th 2015
So many people, even when they decide to commit to the path of spirituality, remain conditioned by the current widespread habit of accumulating knowledge, of searching everywhere for up-to-date information on everything, without ever doing any in-depth work on themselves! We cannot deny that humans have made huge progress in many areas thanks to their curiosity, but for spiritual life this is a very bad approach. Spiritual work implies sticking to a philosophical system and studying it in depth. Otherwise, what happens with the psychic bodies is the same as happens with the physical body: if you eat lots of different kinds of food, you get indigestion and are sick; in the same way, the psychic stomach can get indigestion from everything you have forced it to take in. So, if you really want to progress in spiritual life, try to stick to one system. It will be like the framework for the inner edifice you are constructing with the new materials you are bringing to it every day.