Physical world

Studying it teaches us about our psychic world

January 29th 2015
Everything in heaven and on earth, as well as in the bowels of the earth, and everything in the different realms of nature also exists in humans. This explains why, from the very beginning, humans have felt the urge to study and understand the world around them. By doing so, even unconsciously, it is themselves they want to study and understand. Unfortunately, as long as they do not know the underlying reasons for this tendency, humans will be content to look outwards, to observe, to make notes and record externally, without ever understanding what is most important. All these investigations carried out by scientists with the aim of acquiring a better and better grasp of nature’s prodigious riches are wonderful! But the initiates went much further: by studying in depth the correspondences between the physical world and the psychic world, they extended the limits of their consciousness to infinity, and we must follow them on their path.