Spiritual science

Is revealed to us as we go along

January 30th 2015
Someone will say, ‘Before I commit to a spiritual teaching, I want to be given irrefutable proof that God and invisible beings exist… And I also want proof of the immortality of the spirit and of life after death.’ Poor thing! They’ll have to wait a long time – their whole life possibly! And in the meantime, since they won’t be doing anything, they will prevent their best qualities from developing. When a person is like this, it is like someone in the dark not wanting to switch on the light until it has been explained to them how the whole setup works – right from the power station down to the switch. Or like someone who won’t get in a car until they have asked for the engine to be dismantled and been shown the function and operation of each piece in detail. Heaven knows when these people will finally switch on the light or get going. Wouldn’t it be more sensible if they just pressed the switch or got in the car? Then they would have all the time in the world to understand how these things work. Well, it is the same with the spiritual life. We have to get down to work; we will understand as we go along.