Symbol of the initiate

January 31st 2015
The diamond is considered the most precious stone. But what does a diamond begin as? Carbon which in graphite is black. Well, this carbon, as a result of tremendous pressure and very high temperature, transforms over time into a diamond, the most brilliant of all stones. When people look in wonder at a diamond, they consider only its appearance and the qualities it now displays. They do not pause to think what it has had to undergo to acquire its brilliance, hardness and resilience, which make it so remarkable. In the same way, when we are before a great sage, a great initiate, we are amazed at the light and strength that emanate from him; we do not think of the difficulties he has had to overcome to acquire them. The history of an initiate is in some ways similar to the history of the diamond. At first, he too may have been only simple carbon, but thanks to the enormous pressures he has had to endure (his ordeals) and the great heat he has produced within himself (his love), he has become a diamond, a pure flash of light. And even though in his physical body he is still alive here on earth, on the spiritual plane he is shining on the crown of an angel, an archangel, a divinity.