State to which people regress if they do not allow spiritual forces to enter them

February 6th 2015
Spiritual forces work within matter to give it life and make it more sensitive and more receptive to the light from above. Any creature that does not allow these spiritual forces in dies. And that is true death – a refusal to evolve, a refusal to resonate with the spiritual currents. Spiritual death is a descent into the densest, most compact matter, and this descent occurs in consciousness: a human being loses their light, loses the memory of the celestial imprint inscribed in them and, instead, becomes like a stone, in which life has become so slow that it no longer has the force to produce true thoughts and feelings. Life is a constant forward movement, and those who refuse to go forward will regress, returning to the unconsciousness of stone, which is only sleeping consciousness. What we gradually see in these people physically and psychically is the expression of this fossilized life. So try, each day, to take at least one step forward.