Heavenly father and divine mother

Allowing ourselves to be guided by them

February 7th 2015
All those who are inclined to draw comparisons between humans and animals remark how quickly the baby animal develops and becomes independent. A human child, on the other hand, develops slowly, obviously due to the extreme richness and complexity of human nature. There are so many elements that have to be put in place, both physically and psychically, before children can be in full possession of their faculties! And until they are, they need their parents’ help and protection. But our evolution as human beings does not stop when our father and mother have fulfilled their role in this regard, for we are also spiritual beings who must constantly progress. This is why, on the spiritual plane, humans will always be children in need of their parents – their heavenly Father and divine Mother, who manifest themselves through their soul and spirit. If humans are to draw closer to these divine parents, they must acquire great knowledge, and the more they allow themselves to be guided by them the more enlightened they become.