Stone cube

Symbol of stability

February 8th 2015
In ancient Egypt, an initiate’s greatest victory lay in one day being able to say, ‘I am stable, son of stable, conceived and begotten in the territory of stability.’ The ancient Egyptians portrayed their pharaohs and their gods seated on a stone cube. This was one of the symbols of stability, because, with its six square sides of equal size, the cube has the right volume for creating the most stable physical base. In contrast, in India, for example, divinities and sages are mostly shown seated cross-legged on the ground, in the posture known as the lotus. A figure placed on a stone cube gives a greater impression of stability. It is about a different philosophy and concept of life. But let’s go beyond the symbolism of the cube and consider the quality of stability that is the essence of God. God is absolute, eternal love and absolute, eternal wisdom, and even if he manifests in ways and forms that are infinite, his essence is one and unchanging. It is essential for the disciple who has found the path of good and truth to work on the virtue of stability.