Does not exist in spiritual life

February 9th 2015
We do not find it very difficult to work in areas where we can see, hear, touch, taste and feel with the organs of our physical senses, even if it requires long periods of study and great effort. It is much harder to see, hear, touch, taste and feel on the spiritual plane. And it is precisely because humans experience their inner world as a space without points of reference – a void where they are afraid to venture – that they cling to objects and achievements in the physical world. But fear gets us nowhere. We have to study, we have to know the laws, we have to practise and then throw ourselves, symbolically speaking, into the void, in the certainty that we cannot lose our way or fall. Emptiness does not exist in the spiritual life; our as yet unexplored inner world that is the void. But as we begin to explore this void, we discover fulfilment. Yes, and the only void that is a real threat for human beings is the one into which they will inevitably fall, if they go on believing that the physical world can answer all their needs and fulfil all their aspirations.