On what conditions we are allowed to make them

February 11th 2015
So many people would like to make changes in their immediate environment, in society and even in the world! Do they have the right? Yes, of course; Cosmic Intelligence has given each one of us the right to make reforms, to change the established order, but on one condition: that we are able to improve things. Are we allowed to demolish our neighbour’s house? Yes, if we can build them another one that is more spacious, more beautiful and more comfortable. If we can’t, we are forbidden to touch it. You may ask, ‘And would we have the right to kill someone?’ Yes, if you then had the power to bring them back to life with a better heart and mind and better health! But as this is not the case, calm down. You are forbidden to touch even a single hair of their head. So it is up to you now to examine whether or not you have the right to make changes. But begin by making a few reforms in yourself – try to become a better person. There will always be time enough to decide to reform the world.