Allows us to take only our qualities and virtues with us

February 15th 2015
Work out how much time you spend each day eating and sleeping – which is, of course, useful and essential – but also talking nonsense and dealing with trivialities. And so the years go by, detached from the true life, the life of the soul and spirit. What an awful waste! And it is why, when it comes time to leave for the other world, you will find yourself poor and naked. Remember that when you leave this world the only precious stones you will take with you are your virtues; the only gold, your knowledge; the only clothes, the finery of your soul. At the moment of death, we are like people who are driven from their home and forced to leave behind their land, their houses and their furniture. They rush to their safes to take the gold and jewels, which are the only things of value they can convert into cash, thanks to which they will be able to survive. When death comes, we can take only our qualities and virtues with us; all the rest has to be left. So, start asking yourself today how much true gold and precious stones you possess.