How it can become a source of energies

February 19th 2015
Discouragement is one of the most destructive states human beings can experience, as it deprives them of most of their energies. And yet, even during the most trying times, discouragement contains elements that can serve to renew our courage, if we know how to harness them and make use of them. Discouragement does deprive you of your energy, it’s true, but it also possesses formidable forces. What proof is there? The fact that it is capable of demolishing a whole realm – you, with all the riches and potential packed into your physical body, your heart, your mind, your soul and spirit – means it is really very powerful. So why not try to take hold of this power and direct it positively? Do your best to become aware of all the potential you have inside you. Even when you think you are completely exhausted, at the end of your strength and endurance, in reality you still have considerable strength in reserve to enable you to find your way again.