Betrayal by someone close

How to behave when faced with this disappointment

February 20th 2015
You confide in someone you consider to be a faithful friend or a good colleague, but then one day by chance you find out that actually they are betraying you, putting on an act and working against you. Obviously, this is a great disappointment, but if you are wise and strong enough to cope and, above all, have understood what true love is, do not sever all links with this person, don’t reproach them, and do not even give any indication that you have discovered their hypocrisy. Be careful not to allow yourself to be abused, but continue to behave normally with them, as you did before. When you discover that a colleague or someone close to you is being duplicitous, you gain nothing if you suddenly sever all ties with them. If, however, your attitude is such that it might allow them to recognize and even make amends for their mistakes, you may even gain a great deal. It is a question always of knowing whether you really want to resolve a delicate matter in a lasting way, or whether you only want to settle old scores.