Cells of our body

A population within us that we must educate by being an example to them

February 21st 2015
Why must you always keep an eye on your thoughts, feelings and actions? Because you are inhabited by an entire population of cells that copies your attitudes and behaviour. Each time you allow yourself to overstep the mark, this population takes note and imitates you. So don’t be surprised if you then experience indecision and discomfort. It means you have educated your cells badly through your example, and many disorders and disturbances, both physical and psychological, are the result of this bad education. You grumble when you work, you knock over chairs, kick doors shut, bump into furniture, throw things… Not long afterwards, something inside doesn’t feel right, and you wonder what is going on. You don’t need to look very far: it is simply that tiny creatures inside you – your cells – have seen how you are behaving and are imitating you: they are grumbling, getting worked up and kicking things...