Kingdoms of nature

How different ones relate to our levels of consciousness; an exercise

February 23rd 2015
Human beings have been created in the image of the universe, and so their structure is identical to the universe’s. We can see this structure, for example, in their different levels of consciousness, which correspond to the different kingdoms of nature. So, the unconscious corresponds to minerals, the subconscious to vegetation, consciousness to animals, self-consciousness to humans and the superconsciousness to superhumans and initiates. The subconscious, which corresponds to the vegetable kingdom, is very close to the mineral world and therefore to concretization. This is why one of the keys to achieving something is to bring our plans and wishes from the conscious level down to the level of the subconscious. To do that, there are very simple exercises. Do you wish for example to improve something in your behaviour? Before you go to sleep, concentrate on an image, something precise that relates to this wish; the subconscious forces activated during sleep will help you achieve it.