Sexual force

Not suppressing it but directing it

February 24th 2015
Religion and society have established rules of sexual morality without asking themselves whether people would be capable of applying them. This is why many people, wanting to obey these rules, have caused themselves great suffering and psychological distress, known in psychoanalysis as ‘repression’. Repression cannot solve the problem of sexuality. It is dangerous to refuse the sexual force its natural expression if you do not have a powerful motive, aspirations or a higher ideal, which are able to work at the level of the soul and spirit to channel and transform this force. Continence is self-denial, of course, but this self-denial must be a transposing onto a higher plane rather than a hardship. You do not have to deprive yourself or renounce anything, only rise to a higher level. This is what men and women need to have explained to them when they hear about mastering the sexual force.