Remain sterile because they are not engaged in with love

February 25th 2015
How many people spend much of their life in meetings, endlessly debating the same projects without ever reaching agreement! If they were able to show understanding and love towards one another, it would be easier. But they come without love, and all they do is criticize, contradict and confront one another, which is why they don’t reach a solution. When you sit down at the same table to discuss something with an open mind and an open heart, it can sometimes take as little as five minutes to solve a problem, but without this openness you achieve nothing, even after years of discussions. If you encounter such difficulty in reaching agreement with others, it’s nothing to be proud of. Reflect on what it is that is preventing you: isn’t it just that you are closed? Put a little more love in your heart; your understanding will improve as a result, and the problems will find a solution. You will leave very happy, astonished even, that things have been so simple.