Spirit within us

On which we must count above all else

February 26th 2015
Even if humans often appear pretentious and vain, actually they underrate themselves. Look at how they play down the gifts and faculties they have received from the Creator (the very gifts and faculties that make them higher beings) and attach the greatest value to everything that comes from outside them – equipment, machines, products, medicines, and so on. Even when they follow a spiritual teaching, they are unable to find the right approach, as they have no idea of the future that Cosmic Intelligence has in store for them. And what is this future, you will ask? It will involve travelling throughout all the regions of space, among the stars and the suns. On this journey, all you will be able to take with you are the inner riches you have accumulated. Learning what to work on and what to trust in is of the greatest importance. As long as you trust in external conditions or material objects, you are headed for great disillusionment, because conditions change from one moment to another, and objects slip away from you. The only thing you can truly count on is the spirit within, which is pure activity and constant effort. Use all the external means, if you have them, and thank heaven for giving them to you, but do not count on them.