Like someone who sees only the anatomy of another human being

February 27th 2015
Atheists are proud of their clear-headedness, their logic and reasoning: at least they judge according to what they see, hear, touch, measure, etc., whereas those poor believers are so obsessed by their faith that they lack all objectivity. Well, those who do not accept the existence of a Creator, the reality of the soul and the immortality of the spirit, however intelligent they are, will always lack an element that is essential for perfecting their observations and judgments. And since they are deprived of this element, they are limited, because they stop at the form, at the surface of life. An atheist is like someone who sees only the anatomy of another human being. Anatomy is sufficient when it is only a question of identifying and describing limbs and organs. But to focus on anatomy is to study a body without taking account of the life that animates it. Only a belief in the life of the soul and spirit, and therefore of the divine world, the origin of all that exists, can show us the true magnitude of beings and things and awaken our sensitivity to the energy currents moving through them.