All visible and invisible creatures possess it

March 1st 2015
Usually, it is only the fabrics with which we cover ourselves that we call clothes, but actually we can take this further. So, for example, you could say the physical body is the clothing for the soul and spirit, that words clothe thought, and so on. Feelings, thoughts and forces are also clothed, allowing them to be expressed. All visible and invisible creatures are clothed. A flower, for example, is the clothing for an entity. This is why we should meditate on flowers – on their shape, colours and fragrance – to get to know the nature of the beings that possess such garments, and not only on flowers but on everything that exists in the different kingdoms of nature – the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. A crystal, a diamond, a precious stone – these are the clothing or body in which a spiritual entity has incarnated to manifest itself.