Dream state

Seed of all reality

March 2nd 2015
Some people see the works of poets and mystics as just products of the imagination or even of delirium. No, these poets and mystics have simply entered another dimension of reality. We could call this other dimension the dream state, as long as we do not confuse it with simple daydreaming or with the adventures we experience during sleep. The dream state, as understood in Initiatic Science, is reality in an embryonic form. The material, physical world is the crystallization of a dream, the dream of the Creator, and even if this world disappeared the dream would survive, because it alone is real; it is the dream that gives rise to all sentient forms in creation. Each day, do your best to consciously open within you the doors to the dream. That is where you will find the elements necessary for rebuilding your life and giving it meaning. Then even your face will reflect something of this world of light, beauty and unchanging joy, and you will feel that you are living the true life.