Books, holy

Not unique in containing undeniable, conclusive truths

March 5th 2015
The time has come for believers from all religions to stop confronting one another, brandishing their holy books as the one and only repository of the word of God. For this is wrong, yes, wrong and ridiculous, and true faith gains nothing from these quarrels. Why continue telling believers from all religions that it was God himself who spoke to the prophets and that the so-called holy texts contain only eternal truths? All holy books are to be respected, but they are still only fragments, incomplete and imperfect copies of the one great book God really did write – the universe itself, but also the human being, created by God in the image of the universe. Some will shout sacrilege and heresy. Well, they can shout all they like! Only the ignorant will be indignant, because they do not know how the Creator conceived of the universe and humankind. Even if the holy books were inspired by heaven – and they certainly were – they are not the unique and exclusive source of absolute or conclusive truths.