Which we must overcome in the name of our ideal of brotherhood

March 7th 2015
You have to realize that neither likes nor dislikes are useful as reliable criteria. So, learn to overcome your dislikes and to no longer blindly follow your likes. Never forget that, in the Universal White Brotherhood, our ideal is to turn the whole world into one family living in peace and harmony and that you must set the example. Even if you do not like someone, you must make an effort to be open and understanding, simply because you follow this Teaching. When you make this effort, you benefit, because you are winning a victory over your lower nature, which is always trying to drag you into complications, misunderstandings and conflicts. When you win, you enter a world of harmony and light. Soon, you will start to notice changes, simply because the way you look at people will have changed. Those you looked at before with coldness and even hostility will feel you are more considerate towards them, and so they will be more open with you.