Initiatic school

Teaches us the meaning of our earthly life

March 8th 2015
Why have we come to the earth? Firstly, to settle debts we contracted in previous incarnations. Next, we have to understand the situation we find ourselves in at present. And finally we must work to improve ourselves on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Most humans do not know the reason for their earthly life. They even wonder what they are doing here, and while they wait for the time when they will leave, they are content just to eat, drink, sleep, amuse themselves and fight one another… But for the disciples of Initiatic Science, everything is clear: they know they must make amends for the mistakes they made in previous lives. Then they try to understand why they were born into their particular country and family, why they were gifted or not gifted with certain abilities, and what heaven expects of them. Lastly, they do their best to nurture all the seeds of qualities and virtues the Creator placed in them at the beginning of time. That is why an initiatic school is so essential: nothing surpasses the light it brings to humans regarding the meaning of life on earth.