Animals, inner

Taming them so they participate with us in cosmic harmony

March 9th 2015
Instead of realizing the huge role they have to play in creation and participating in the work of the Creator, humans behave like animals, confronting one another and tearing one another apart. Yes, because in fact their animal nature still exists, in the form of uncontrolled instincts, such as aggression, possessiveness and sensuality. Just because humans have learned to appear more civilized does not mean they have rid themselves of their animalistic impulses. Sometimes, when someone smiles at you and says, ‘Good morning. How are you? How nice to meet you!’, lurking behind their friendly demeanour is a wildcat, just wanting to pounce on you and devour you. And don’t you sometimes find you have similar feelings yourself?... There are animal presences mingled with our thoughts, feelings and desires, and it is our job to tame them, until we can get them to work with us in harmony with the cosmos.