Just as it bears within it the image of the tree that produced it, so we bear in us the image of the perfection of our heavenly father

March 11th 2015
What is a seed? A living being that constantly calls on cosmic forces and materials to help it to develop and fulfil its task. And its task is to resemble its father, the tree that produced it. This is why, once it has been placed in the soil, the seed will work as it was intended to: it will take those elements it needs from its surroundings and leave the rest. In this way it will succeed in expressing all the characteristics and properties indicated in the image it bears within it. It is the same for human beings. Since God created them in his image, it means they are predestined to develop and become like him. Jesus said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.’ How could he have said these extraordinary words if he did not already know that, like the seed, human beings bear within them the image of the perfection of their heavenly Father? By nourishing this seed, by watering it and bringing it to life, we move closer to perfection. When will we succeed in achieving it? Maybe never, and maybe no one has ever achieved it; divine perfection is even inconceivable. But we have to want it, because this aspiration awakens the qualities and virtues that exist as potential in each one of us.