Activity of any kind

Requires a method

March 12th 2015
No gesture you make is without importance: whatever the activity, your gestures reveal your character, your intelligence, your aesthetic sense and your upbringing. Someone will say, ‘Oh, but all I do is sweep and mop the floor!’ What of it? That activity is not insignificant – you have to think about what you are doing and be careful. Simply from the way you go about it, you reveal certain qualities. To sweep correctly you have to have a method and take care not to raise clouds of dust. You will say you use a vacuum cleaner. Of course, but you have to be careful with that too so as not to go over the same areas several times and overlook others, not to bump into furniture or get the wire caught around a chair, and so on. No one can justify working in an unaware, slovenly fashion. Whether the activity is physical or mental, you must first consider how you will set about it. This is called having a good working method. So, observe yourself and, whatever task you are performing, think about the preparation and how you will see the task through to the end.