Its power depends on the attention of the person who receives it

March 14th 2015
A friend has given you an object. Even if it is only a pebble, it can become a talisman for you. When your friend gave it to you, he or she filled it with good vibrations from their heart and soul, and you can feel the effects. But now that it is yours, you have the power to preserve what they put in it. Since the person who transmitted forces to the object is a friend and you know for certain that these forces are beneficial to you, when you touch the object you are perpetuating the movement of the electrons that animate matter. Objects, like beings, need to be nurtured, and you nurture them with your attention, your thoughts and your feelings. If you forget them, if you leave them somewhere to get covered in dust, they lose their power. What’s more, you can easily observe this, when an object that once represented something important for you one day means nothing anymore. For a while, whenever you passed it you had the impression that it was radiating energy, that it was giving you signs, but now it is dull and says nothing. A talisman’s power always depends on the attention and the faith of its owner. Even if a great mage gives it to you, it is up to you to keep it alive.