Show a person’s level of consciousness

March 16th 2015
Ask some young people about their convictions: they will tell you what they think of religion, morality, politics, love, and so on, and they are convinced they are right. Several years later, with more life experience, they will have changed and so will their convictions. But, once again, they will think they are in possession of the truth. Humans are like that: as children they think one way, as adolescents another way, and as adults they change again, perhaps even several times… until old age arrives, when they will think differently again! So each one of us should reflect and say to ourselves, ‘For the moment, this is how I see life, but as I have already changed my point of view several times, who can say whether what I think is any truer now?’ Yes, even at ninety-nine years old we must say to ourselves, ‘I’ll wait a bit before giving an opinion. A few centuries from now, maybe I’ll see things more clearly!’ It is good to be convinced, but not to be so certain of our capacity to judge, as that is limited and incomplete. Live a bit longer and you will change again, for opinions change endlessly depending on our experiences and how consciously we have lived them.