The man and woman must do their best to be in step with each other

March 18th 2015
Even when both people in a couple wish to progress spiritually, it is rare for them to be exactly in step with each other. So, to balance the situation, the one who is walking faster must show patience and kindness and moderate their strong desire for progress so they do not lose the other one along the way. You should not forget your companion if they have difficulty following you, and there is no point criticizing them either. The time for thinking about your partner’s potential and aspirations was before you became bound to them, and you should not have made a commitment if you did not feel you were in harmony with each other. Now it is too late to question everything. There is only one situation in which you have the right to go ahead on your own: when you have given proof of your kindness and patience over a long period, when you have made sacrifices so that your partner might follow you, but they take no notice. In this case, you no longer have to hold back. But if your partner is making an effort, you do not have the right to abandon them along the way.