Voice of heaven

How to recognize whether we have heard it

March 19th 2015
There are people who believe that God or heavenly spirits speak to them, and they rush to tell everyone about it. Of course, they can always tell others whatever they like, but there are undeniable criteria for recognizing whether the voice they say they have heard really came from heaven or whether it was just a wild imagining. And these are the criteria. First, the person is able to discern clearly which path to follow and to follow it steadily. Then, they are becoming more and more open to others, so that they are able to understand them, love them and help them, and they continually feel full of gratitude toward the Lord. Finally, they are able, of their own free will and unimpeded, to accomplish everything that is fair, good and beautiful. Anyone who fulfils these three conditions can be sure that the voice they have heard – let’s say it like that – really did come from heaven. But why go around telling everyone? It’s not necessary.