Is only acquired in obedience to the moral laws

March 20th 2015
Humans think they have great power over themselves: they will be able to be as silly as they like, and there won’t be any consequences; they think that all it will take to have a clear conscience is willpower. Poor things; it won’t be long before they have to reassess the extent of their power! If they have behaved badly, whatever they do will make no difference: somewhere inside they will gradually become darker and fall apart. Anyone who wants to go forward in life confidently and safely must ensure that their thoughts, feelings and actions are subject to the laws of honesty, integrity and impartiality. As soon as any one of these laws is broken, they lose their powers, and they will only find them again if they make amends for their mistakes and then move forward again in the right direction. We can tell which people are truly spiritual by the fact that they recognize their mistakes quickly and correct them straight away. That is where their power lies: in the fact that they admit they have been wrong and make an effort to correct things immediately.