Sick people

Must never identify with their illness

March 25th 2015
Someone may say, ‘I’m ill, as you can see.’ And it’s true, you can see they are ill, but it is only a part of their body that is affected. If they keep on about their illness, it is like identifying with the part that is sick and allowing it to take up all the space, not just on the physical level but on the psychic level too. Anyone who is seriously ill must say to themselves, ‘My body is ill, it’s true, but as a son or daughter of God, as a divine spark, I myself cannot be ill.’ And this conviction places them above their illness: they identify not with their body but with their spirit, which lives in light and eternity. By deciding to apply the law of the primacy of the spirit, they will produce changes in the realm of thought first. Then, these changes will influence the realm of feelings and sensations, which will eventually become grounded on the physical plane, leading to improvements and sometimes even to a cure.