Essential if we are not to be deceived by others

March 27th 2015
All over the world, you will come across masses of people who never stop complaining about how they have been wronged, abused and deceived by others. Why is this? It is because they have still not understood that other people can only respond to their trust to the degree that they are able to. Just because you think you can expect honesty and loyalty from them does not mean that they will be honest and loyal. So you need to reflect on this and consider it carefully. If you don’t know how to choose which people you can confide in, which people you can ask advice from or spend time with, do not be surprised if you then have some nasty surprises. So, you feel wronged, betrayed? Unfortunately, the others may have acted in good faith, simply according to their own capacities and possibilities. It was up to you to be more clear-sighted and not to place your hopes in them without reflecting first.