Twin soul

The complementary part of ourselves, with which we must seek to merge

March 28th 2015
Consciously or unconsciously, all men and women are looking for their twin soul. What they do not know is that, in reality, their twin soul is not a different entity from them but the other pole of their being, living on high with God in perfection and fulfilment. In all the ancient initiations, disciples were taught how to find this other pole of their being – their higher self. In India, Jnani yoga provides methods that enable the yogi to achieve union with their higher self, since through this union they become one with God. In Greece, we find the same idea expressed in the phrase carved into the pediment of the temple of Delphi: ‘Know yourself’. But we should not forget the rest of the sentence: ‘… and you will know the universe and the gods.’ True knowledge is the result of the fusion of the two principles, the masculine and the feminine. This is the meaning of the words in Genesis: ‘And Adam knew Eve’. So ‘Know yourself’ means ‘Find the other pole in yourself, find your complementary part and become one with it’. If you are a man, the other pole in you is the feminine principle; if you are a woman, it is the masculine principle, and you seek to merge with one or other principle in purity and light. When this fusion occurs, you meet your true twin soul.