Doing good

Is never without consequence for the doer

April 1st 2015
Whenever the opportunity arises to do something good for others, do not hesitate; do it. Tell yourself, ‘I want to make myself useful, I want to help those in need and in pain, and never mind if there is nothing in it for me and I am not rewarded for my efforts!’ And, in fact, in the short term, you may well not be rewarded, but what do you mean by ‘reward’? As you develop kindness, patience, generosity and selflessness, not only will you find yourself blossoming, you will one day also be appreciated and loved by everyone because of your radiance. Even just a good thought or feeling has an effect, since everything is recorded and leaves traces. Don’t expect those around you to notice immediately the good your head and heart hold. But know that anything useful and constructive you have done as an expression of love will one day bring you every blessing.