Speck of gold

‘growing’ the one the creator has placed in us

April 5th 2015
The alchemists say that, in order to make gold, you have to start with at least one atom of gold, like a seed, since in nature nothing is produced without a seed. The alchemical process is therefore similar to when a seed germinates or multiplies. A grain of wheat begins by producing one ear, and then one day there is a whole field! In the same way, for anyone who knows the secret, a speck of gold can ‘multiply’ ad infinitum. We too possess this speck of gold – the divine germ given to us by the Creator. Now that he has given it to us, nothing and no one has the power to take it from us or cause us to lose it. But it is up to us to realize that this germ exists and to awaken it, to give it life so that it can develop and so become a tree… a temple… the New Jerusalem… the Christ child… There have been so many images and symbols used to convey this spiritual reality! All human beings possess this seed, and once they know where and how to look for it in order to work with it, the words ‘life’ and ‘resurrection’ will take on true meaning for them.